"Cognition-based multiagent systems"
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Schedule of presentations on the TIR topic.  Updated!
06.06.19.Mo Section 5  r.310
10:00  Moghimi P.   (29) Neural networks with deep learning.
           Baymukhametov S.
           Salam M.         
           Chindarkar S.

20.05.19.Mo  Section 1  r.310
13:00 Tucker M.        (9) Parallel computing using clusters or clouds technologies for cognition tasks.
          Boyarkin V.    (34) Power supply optimization methods.
          Taranovskii A. (2) Software, hardware and brainware for real-time cognition tasks.

20.05.19.Mo Section 2  r.309
14:00 Zheng J.Y.      (3) Programming of tactics and strategy for cognition-based systems.
          Ma W.            (7) Multiagent software tools for cognition-based system design.
          Carias F.         (1) Technologies of a priori and a posteriori processing for cognition-based system design.
          Cáceres C.    (20) Brain-computer interface (BCI)
          Assiri H.        (10) Models of short- and long-term memory. Forgetting.

27.05.19.Mo Section 3  r.309
12:00 Denni M.      (31) Any-time algorithms to solve cognitive tasks in real time.
          Xu Y.            (33) Convolution neural network for object detection.
          Ibrahim M.    (12) Kohonen maps.
          Zhang J.C.     (15) Unmanned vehicles.
          Aakif N.         (17) Robocup.

27.05.19.Mo Section 4  r.309
14:00  Voelker H.    (13) Data mining.
           Gross J.C.     (25) Fuzzy neurons.
           Bisht L.         (32) Reinforcement learning.
           Arbash E.       (27) Genetic algorithms.
           Teng G.          (11) Support vector machines.
           Chekhova M. (21) Automatic text classification.

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